Saturday, October 18, 2008

Space adventure cobra “the psychogun” 2008 ova Or “better shit than most modern anime"

Ok, so the cool people who are into anime know of this show called Cobra right? It’s about some bad ass motherfucker with a laser gun for a right arm; it’s got hot women and violence. And it’s what I fucking want from anime. First of all, the women are legal, buxom and sexy like something right out of Heavy Metal or american comic books. They have junk in da trunk, badonkadonk and racks you can serve a dinner in. And cobra himself is a bad ass motherfucker. Now, I’ve only seen bits and pieces from youtube, but what I saw was fucking awesome. It’s better than the shit the people are fansubbing these days, and dare I say it, is more enjoyable than golgo 13. Now, don’t get me wrong, my boy Togo is cool, but he’s not exciting. He’s no Cobra, man! And you know what else is awesome? Modern animation techniques are perfect for a detail heavy show like Cobra. Gekiga style manga has always been harder to animate, but thanks to modern techniques, it all looks good in HD.
Now, I urge the cool subbers out there to sub the shit out of this show, and give it the exposure like it fucking deserves!
Here’s some videos:

Note: The second video is the real opening, the first one is a pastiche of the eighties opening and the new ova op scenes.