Friday, February 27, 2009

Tetsuwan Girl (Atom Girl) or "How I learnt to love first base"

No, it's not about urain, although she is adorable. No, it's a manga about post WWII japan. Before I go on, when I was in my last year of high school, I tried to make a mad max cowboy thing with my classmates. But my teacher, being a dick, or being a wise man (I;m pretty sure he was being a wise man, or a wise dick) nshot us down. He then told us "if you wanna see something after an apocalypse, go look at pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. That's an apocalypse. So, in the end, the project bombed due to technical difficulties and the fact that Ryan Mason is the laziest fucker in the world. All he card about was making planets in photoshop and halo, FUCKING HALO.Oh, and don;t get me started on his friends, god what a bunch of faggots. God, i fucking hated high school.

But I digress, this isn't about those shitty 4 years I spent in that sorry excuse for a school. This is actually about a manga called Atom girl. Now this manga is about a hostess club that becomes a baseball team. This might sound like some kind of feel good movie. You may think that but no, it's not. It's possibly the most manliest and pump-you up shit ever. you know why i like it so much? because it reminds me of the Kenka Kyokushin Karate trilogy. It's set in WWII japan, and it involves a manly sport (baseball in this case, and in manga, baseball is always manly). The other reason I like this manga is there's something that draws me to post WWII japan. I don;t know what it is, but I think there's this intermingling of cultures.

There's this interesting friction in that time and place, where the GI's would be feared by the people. Bussines men making money whatever way they can. Then there's also the injection of american culture into japan. Without the american soldiers ever coming into japan, I think japan would be a different place. I think this time was also a time when the world truly got to see japan as a growing power. They would take american ideas and adapt them to their own, they would nativize american concepts and things.

But enough about that, this manga is good, and if you like a story about people rising up and becoming something greater, then read this manga. The main character is also some hot bad ass chick that doesn;t take shit from people. It's fucking good, and it'll rock your socks. I know it rocked mine.

P.S. DJD will hate this manga cause it has women being awesome. I think he hates that.