Wednesday, July 8, 2009

why laziness kinda sucks

I find myself hanging out more and more with my friends, and I've realised that I've been feeling myself grow as a person. I think for one to fully develop and mature, they have to have kind people pushing them (atleast for me anyways). when I was a kid, I actually didn;t have many friends, and the one I did make, I kind of pushed him away (Micheal, where ever you are, Mabuhay ka kababyan!) But now, as a young man, who's growing, changing, evolving, pushing himself, I find myself more and more driven. Driven by things like not failing and becoming a better man. This is why I hate lazy people, or people who don't try hard. I know the path to life is hard, but that should be an invitation, not a cause for defeat. A true man (or woMAN) should see this and go "failure is only a step back". Sure we all fuck up and fail, but life goes on, and I guess if the failure is small enough, we can continue and aim for what we want. I also bought this bitchin' belt and jacket. shit was so cash.

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