Friday, July 10, 2009

Mysonginy and Misandry and social implications.

People used to say that there was a time when "men were men". This meant that men were tough, macho and weren't feminine. But i don't think that's true. I think men in all of time have always been under similar pressure as women. But this sort of social pressure is not as bad as it is for women. I think for women, they have it much more rougher as they have to be much more prepared and "made up" than men. For us men, it's not really make up, but how we look, what clothes we wear and how we smell. there is also the vital and important pressure of our place in society. As a young man growing up, there is one thing I learnt that every man has to achieve; that is his place in society. I, as a man, have to find where I belong and where I should be. But for women, I think the pressure lies on who they're going to be with in a few years. Personally, I think a man should help out a woman, protect her and share with her his place in society so that she doesn't have to experience all the trouble herself. But this doesn't mean that women can;t be independant. I think they should be, and they should also understand how men see the world.
I think that men and women, atleast in this generation are very similar, and that the divisions that were up a few years ago (being fashionable, being trendy, expressing emotion) have almost disappeared. Now today, if a man wanted to do an occupation that was formally seen as only for women, he too can now do it. It's also the same with women. They too can do work that was "only" for men. This breaking down of divisions I think has brought the sexes closer to each other.
Now what am I calling for exactly? an end to misandry/misoginy. I think these two views are primitive and, excuse my language, fuckin' retarded. Hating one another is not the sign of cultural advancement but social backwardness. The problem is not the amount of hate generated, but where the hate is directed. Just because one has bad experiences with women/men, it doesn't mean all women/men are bad. Personally. i've met some stupid fucking bitches in my life, but I don't hate women. I don't think there's a need for the sexes to be divided in two camps. We're all living in this crazy place, why can't we survive long enough to not kill each other?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

why laziness kinda sucks

I find myself hanging out more and more with my friends, and I've realised that I've been feeling myself grow as a person. I think for one to fully develop and mature, they have to have kind people pushing them (atleast for me anyways). when I was a kid, I actually didn;t have many friends, and the one I did make, I kind of pushed him away (Micheal, where ever you are, Mabuhay ka kababyan!) But now, as a young man, who's growing, changing, evolving, pushing himself, I find myself more and more driven. Driven by things like not failing and becoming a better man. This is why I hate lazy people, or people who don't try hard. I know the path to life is hard, but that should be an invitation, not a cause for defeat. A true man (or woMAN) should see this and go "failure is only a step back". Sure we all fuck up and fail, but life goes on, and I guess if the failure is small enough, we can continue and aim for what we want. I also bought this bitchin' belt and jacket. shit was so cash.