Thursday, January 15, 2009

Godannar: "the shittiest giant robot show ever"

Godannar “the shittiest robot show on earth”

Everyone knows godannar, if you don’t , then you are a lucky man (woman, robot alien, whatever). It’s the tale of how some thirty yr old dude or something married some 16 yr old chick, and how they end up piloting some kick ass robot together. Now, this is a giant robot show right? Allright, then what was wrong with the sentence? If you said

“thirty yr old dude or something married some 16 yr old chick” then you are correct. If you said “ end up piloting some kick ass robot together” then get the fuck out of this blog before I turbosmash your face in.
Now, the concept is actually pretty awesome, well kinda. Boob-tastic giant robots, awesome right? But it seems that only Go Nagai was the only one who successfully worked with this formula (HEIL NAGAI!) and when Godannar did it, it sucked balls.
Godannar sucks balls, like sweaty dirty fat man balls.

It is crappily animated, badly written and over all, forgets it’s a giant robot show. I mean for god’s sake, it’s called Go-fucking-dannar, which is the name of a giant robot. But now, it has to act like it’s some sort of soap opera about shit like love and all the crappy crap. It forgets that is needs giant robots punching each other and not gratuitous cleavage and ass shots to be an awesome robot show.

It forgets that that it shouldn’t be some crappy soap, nor should it tell us the stories of crappy pilots no one cares about and cheesy romance plots. See, the only thing godannar has going for it is the fact that it’s got awesome music, and our favourite character KEN! (with his sexy sword wielding skills!).

That’s seriously the only good thing about it. Thanks to the awesome-tacular trio of Ichiro Mizuki, Akira Kushida and Mitsuko Horie, the show is on the scale of crap. See, if they didn’t sing the theme song, then the show would be negative on the scale of crap. This show would be so bad, it would owe me money. See the only reason anyone would watch this is if you were a masochist (like me) or you’re some sort of perverted creep. So please, ignore this show and watch mazinkaiser instead (it is much superior in terms of boobage and action).

P.S Djd, I know what show I have to watch next. It's a little feature called Dancouga Nova


Q Agent said...

Dancouga Nova, I ended up being intrigued by it and enjoyed it, but mostly because I was thinking about Dr. John Rawls from Harvard University while watching it. That aside there are several things that piss me off like how they justify being in love with 15 year old girls.

Marius said...

Hey I'm still alive.Made it safely.

You gotta admit that we had some fun watching this show though , well until episode 14 that is.

Marius said...

This show would be so bad, it would owe me money.