Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feeling Downwind

Coming home from tae kwon do today, I realized (or remembered) why I had stopped going. It was because I felt like I was going nowhere. I didn't feel like my training had gone anywhere (this is just a guess, the truth is lost to my memory). But I realized something, I'm an impatient person, always wanting an immediate result. the lesson for me here is to take it in slowly, and appreciate whatever's happening. I would say that this is due to my mother, who's always been a little more than bullheaded about getting results. I"ve also realized that this is how I see my life, going nowhere, but I shouldn't look at it that way. In truth it's just a long process for me that's not going to get any faster. Everyone has their path, some walk to the end faster, some don't and some never reach it at all. But sometimes it just feels pretty difficult, and especially on the days when I feel down, it doesn't help. Oh well, the sun shines again right? Let fate control you, or fight fate, it's all the same.

Zatoichi is my hero, since he's a guy that doesn't fight for honour, but a man just trying to survive with what he has, a real gruff, modern hero, the everyman.

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