Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ultraman; The New Myth II

In the world of ultramen, it seems to present a world dominated by singular aliens who's sole purpose seems to be attacking the innocent. But if you look at it from a sort of realistic perspective, and try to wrap your head around the fact that aliens can all look the same (which I did), then your brain is going to go crazy. Ultraman is not the story of space faring light of men, but of gods(ultra-seijin) who travel the galaxy fight demons (evil aliens) in the name of Justice. You can even see it in the newest ultraman move that's about to be released. It calls into mind the legend of old where gods would come down and punish evil doers. Or specifically tales from asian myths were the gods would come down and battle demons. This is the reason why ultraman works, it is because they call something deeper inside us. They show people that there may be something out there, and that evil will be punished no matter what.


CentOS Files said...

Sweet , I didn't even know about a new Ultraman.

Dylanio21 said...

you're a genius brother, a genius.