Monday, October 26, 2009

Childhood and Adulthood: never grow up Ultraman

I found this bitchin' english version of the original Ultraseven theme song and it dawned on me that I never really grew up. I realized that I'm going to always be this little boy inside. A little boy who will always love explosions, actors in rubber suits, giant monsters, robots and anything that makes a man (child)'s heart burn with a never stopping fire. But I don't think people actually ever grow up, even those who are supposedly "mature". I think they just suppress those childish desires and say "giant monsters? sure he just blew up a building by punching it, but I don't care, I'm going to do taxes and listen to Kanye West, cause I'm hip".
Those people I pity, because they won't let their inner child talk. It's like this, have you ever seen a toy that you loved as a kid, but then you went "nah man I'm too old for this". Well, no one's really too old for happiness, no matter how trivial or childish. Now I'm not saying everyone should fulfill every childish desire they had as adults (I learnt this the hard way) but they shouldn't suppress them either. It's cool to buy something childish once in a while, but in moderation. But there are also those who enojy that stuff for "ironic" reasons and those people just make me shake y head. Sure you can laugh at this stuff (I mean who wouldn't laugh at a clumsily acting giant monster?)
But I do it because I love watching that stuff. I swear to god that I honestly love it, I love it so much that I would kill to be able to work in that industry. I also love this stuff because it fills me with this feeling of courage and power. Especially watching Ultraman, I'm filled with this desire for a utopian world where men can work together with fellow man, beings of light and other aliens to fight the evil in the universe. It provides a nice and innocent escape from a world so hellbent on making everyone conform to it's capitalist driven ways (hah, ironically these shows ARE driven by capitalism but end up taking on a life of their own). It's a much more beautiful and utalitarian reality when we can all team up and destroy giant creatures that threaten us without moral abiguity. Evil is evil and good is good. Personally, I would like to work towards a world that seeks peace instead of war. But I digress, my point is, never grow up, it's a sad thing when people say "I'm mature" cause when you call yourself mature and always have to act a certain way, that's childish. True maturity is learning how to keep a balance of childishness and responsibility.


CentOS Files said...

Gets harder the older you get mate.

tissuekins said...

Yeah, life's tough overall.